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  • Mary Beth Lonergan, PP, AICP
    Associate Partner
    Clarke Caton Hintz
    100 Barrack St.
    Trenton, NJ 08608

    Phone: 609-477-7309

    Clarke Caton Hintz is an award-winning planning, landscape architecture and architecture firm.  CCH has an expertise in affordable housing planning - we prepare housing elements and fair share plans, spending plans, monitoring documents, etc.  We also serve as special affordable housing masters in Superior Court matters.

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  • Peter Van den Kooy, PP, AICP
    Associate Principal
    BFJ Planning
    New York, NY 10003

    Cell: 908-675-1785

    BFJ Planning’s professionals have extensive experience in providing affordable housing planning and administration services to public and private sector clients for affordable housing projects located throughout the State of New Jersey. We have enabled our private sector clients to realize increased profitability, substantial cost savings, and expedited project implementation by leveraging our detailed affordable housing regulatory and design knowledge to maximize the unit count and square footage of the project while minimizing costs, and through identifying the most expedient pathway to obtain project approvals. Similarly, our public sector services apply our substantial experience in preparing housing plan elements, fair share plans, vacant land adjustments, build-out analyses, and expert testimony before the superior court in order to prepare housing plan elements and fair share plans that are both compliant from a regulatory perspective and compatible with the community’s goals and vision. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your goals and vision for your affordable housing projects and programs.

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  • Dan Zullo
    Managing Partner
    PHNX Modular Systems
    89 Hudson Street, Suite 303
    Hoboken, NJ 07030

    Phone: 732-382-1234

    Our mission is to help affordable and market-rate housing developers successfully complete more projects on-time and with fewer headaches using modular construction. The PHNX Modular System enables seamless integration with existing development operations to help developers build more with current resources. Our approach is adaptable, allowing us to work alongside existing architects, subcontractors, and volunteers, or take full responsibility for the entire project with our own experienced team. For the uninitiated, getting started with modular can be confusing and complex. We’re here to help you get the quality and efficiency advantages of modular without having to make costly mistakes. There are millions of families out there who need homes. It’s our job to help you build them.

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