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  • Why History Matters in Equitable Development Planning

    Posted March 22nd, 2019

    Next City looks at the importance of understanding the historical factors that contributed to a neighborhood’s development, such as redlining, before beginning to plan for a neighborhood’s future. Keep reading »

  • NJ Town Struggles with Affordability for Its Residents

    Posted February 26th, 2019 reports that the Atlantic City metro area is one of the most unaffordable real estate markets in the country for the residents who live in the region. Learn why. Keep reading »

  • Older Adults Increasingly Living in Suburban Neighborhoods

    Posted February 21st, 2019

    Households headed by older adults are increasingly located in low-density suburbs, according to the latest Housing America’s Older Adults report from the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard. In a growing number of suburban neighborhoods across the country, adults age 50 and over comprise a majority of the population. Overall, the report found that the number of people older than 65 grew from 35.0 million in 2000 to 46.1 million in 2016. Half this growth—just under 6 million persons—occurred in lower density metropolitan area census tracts, while an additional 13 percent occurred outside of metro areas. Keep reading »

  • How the Government Shutdown is Hurting Some of America’s Poorest Families

    Posted January 7th, 2019

    According to a NBC News article, the Department of Housing and Urban Development is one of the seven agencies most directly affected by the current government budget standoff. Most of HUD’s routine enforcement activities have been suspended, including mandatory health and safety inspections of housing for low-income families, the elderly and people with disabilities, according to the shutdown contingency plan that HUD posted on its website. Keep reading »

  • The Three Housing Stories to Watch in 2019

    Posted January 3rd, 2019

    NextCity suggests these three stories should be watched closely in 2019: Opportunity Zones, single-family zoning, and privatization of public housing. Keep reading »

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